Friday, November 30, 2018

Day 12,904

Day 12,904

Somehow I missed a day and can't figure out where it is. All my days are screwed now.

Today was a typical Thursday. I slept in late (12:15) and Jumped on Pokémon Lets Go Eevee. I need to get to the Pokémon park so I can get a Meltan lure for Pokémon Go. You need 400 of this little bastards candy to evolve him. that's a bit ridiculous, but what can you do?

I got another Cresselia today. I think the 5 I have currently will suffice my Pokédex.

OH!! I also got another EX-Raid pass for another Deoxys! This one isn't until December 6th. Hopefully I can make it. If not, I might let someone use my account to get it for me.

I had a near perfect Cyndaquil. And transferred it. I's so mad at myself for doing that. And I'm more mad at myself for being mad at myself. It's only game ya know.

It's getting pretty close to Emersyn's arrival. I cant wait and am super excited for it. Amber is getting nervous, but that's to be expected. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Days 12,900 - 12,902

Days 12,900 - 12,902

Monday suck. Up all day, do laundry, get Lorelai, fold laundry. Go to work.

Day 12,901
Tuesdays suck too. It was pretty uneventful. I DID however get Pokémon Lets Go Eevee for the Nintendo Switch in the mail. I immediately put that in and started playing it. It's so very similar to the original Pokémon Red I still have sitting in my GameBoy.

Day 12,902
Wednesday is hump day, and while I did not get to hump, I did have a pretty good day. Did some raiding in Pokémon Go with some local guys.
Wednesday is Amber's half day and she has forced me to suggested I see a doctor. It's not all bad. So when she came home from work we headed over there. Other than being the size of a horse, I am as healthy as one. Blood pressure and heart rate all within the norm. Even my O2 stat is good. Going for blood work on Friday so hopefully that looks good too.
After the doctors amber and I did a few raids in the Cummings Center. She even got another of the current Legendary T5 raid boss.
She's a beauty. And going away come December 1st.

I'm not so good at this whole writing thing...

Until tomorrow...

Monday, November 26, 2018

Days 12,897-12,899

Days 12,897-12,899...

Slacking lately. I have not written since Thanksgiving. Sincere apologies to the three people who read this.

Friday went well. Hung out with Lorelai all day. She even indulged me and played some Pokémon Go with me. Pretty easy and quiet day. We went to work per the norm Friday night and Amber brought us McDonald's.
Work was super easy and we were out early.

Saturday morning I was awaken to Lorelai jumping on the bed to tell me breakfast was ready. Amber was nice enough to let me sleep a little and she made breakfast. Eggs and pancakes. She is MUCH better at pancakes than I am. I'm terrible at them, so I always fight and make waffles instead.
Lorelai went home at her normal 3pm, we headed to get snacks, and made a Home Depot run, then we chilled for a little before company.
We had my sister in law and her boyfriend over for some adult time. We ate lots of cheese and drank lots of alcohol. I decided to break out Cards Against Humanity and much to my disbelief, my sister in law won!

Sunday Amber and I slept in a little. Sunday was Beverly's anual Santa Parade. We sat outside with our down stairs neighbor and watch it. It goes right down out street. Their little boy was super excited he got to high-five Santa. It was adorable.
After the parade we made our way into the kids’ room and sorted through all the baby clothes we have for Emersyn. We got all the newborn and 3 month clothes into drawers and the other bigger sizes into totes for storage.
Headed over to our storage in Salem and finally put the Halloween (and apparently I had Easter decorations in the truck still) and Emersyn's clothes in. Brought all our Christmas decorations home and will slowly set that up. We will decorate the tree this weekend with Lorelai, but Amber wants to at least get it up before them.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Days 12,895 & 12,896

Days 12,895 & 12,896...

Day 12,895 was a normal Wednesday. It was Amber's half day so she was home by 2. I had my first ever EX-Raid at 1pm. There were 10 or so other people there. Not bad. We defeated it pretty quickly.
Feel free to watch it here -->
My second Ex-Raid of the day got me another Deoxys. My wife didn't get to catch hers though. So she's still missing that one.
They swapped out the newest T5 raid bosses as well. So Amber and I caught one of those. That kind of made up for the lack of Deoxys.

Unfortunately, I had to leave her and our couch for work. The night before Thanksgiving is usually a little busier than normal. But today we got an unusual large amount of freight and was heavy. Didn't finish until after 3:15am. Wasn't horrible. But when we went to close up the truck and the top of the second door wouldn't latch. So after spending 10 minutes trying to get it to close, he decided it was best if he backed back in and I closed it from up higher. I went in, shut the alarm system off, closed up the door and sealed him up. That worked and off he went. On my way out I went to set the alarm, but of course it'd be my luck, it wouldn't arm. Finally got it set and FINALLY left work at 3:45ish.

Got home and Amber was already awake. So we talked for a little, got to snuggle before I fell a sleep on her. I'm pretty sure she was in the middle of talking to me too. oops.

Until tomorrow...

Day 12,896...

Today is Thanksgiving! I love food, and I kind of like my family. Amber and I hung out for a little this morning. She let me sleep until like 11 this morning. ugh... I'd rather spend time with her.
We picked up her brother Travis and headed to Gloucester. Spent some time with my in-laws. Somehow we had all of her brothers in one room at the same time. That was good.

We left around 4ish and headed home. Dropped off Travis at home and headed to my moms. It was supposed to be for dessert, but I don't think we had any. Crystle dropped Lorelai off so she could hang with us for a little. She loves my mothers house.
We got home and Lorelai picked a movie. She picked Pete's Dragon. The original, not the new shitty one. Off to bed shortly...

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Day 12,894 2of2

Oh hi...
Did a little Pokémoning on the way to work. Is that even a word? Well, it is now. Haven't caught anything decent in a couple days, but it is what it is. A game. New T5 raid bosses have appeared, so maybe I will get one tomorrow. Tomorrow is Ex-Raid day! I am super excited for that.  

Tomorrow is also Amber's half-day, so I get to spend the afternoon hanging out with her. She got an EX-Raid pass as well, so we will do some Pokémon catching together. How cute. :) 

Made it to work. Per usual, It was a shit show. I don't really have anything more to say other than it's a shit show. We spend 2 hours at the beginning of our shift cleaning up after them.

I won't go into detail, as this is public. I don't have anything good to say, so I probably wont.

See you tomorrow!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Day 12,894 1of2

Normal day here in the Jalbert household. Hole bunch of nothing going on. Back is still bothering me. FML
I thought today was EX-Raid day in PoGo. But it's not. That was rather upsetting, because not only did I get a chance for two EX-Raids, but that also meant it was Wednesday and I got to see Amber. She only works a half day on Wednesdays and it's always a treat to get to hang out with her mid-week.

I still went around and did a few raids today. I did 3 by myself, and then ended up meeting with a group and did one with them. Not a bad day. Made it half way though the Meltan research quests.

Got home and am playing a little Xbox. I haven't played Gears of War 4 in a while, so I jumped on that. I remember why I quit playing it. Its a glitchy game they never bothered to fix.

Anyway, off to work. I'll finish this tonight after I deal with the normal bullshit at work. yay

Until tonight...

Day 12,893

Day 12,893...

It's Monday.

Until tomorrow...

lol, Just kidding. Well, not about it being Monday. The beginning of the week sucks. As a fat orange cat once said "Mondays suck!".

I woke up this morning and could barely move. I did something to my back and it's progressively getting worse. I'm at the age where I get hurt sleeping. Been gimping walking around with a cane all day.

It is laundry day, my favorite. I go to the same laundromat I have been going to for years. It is fairly inexpensive, and clean. The clientele is something to be desired as it's in the heart of Salem. Only reason I keep going is it costs me $9/week to do our laundry. I'm sure that it will go up a little when Emersyn finally arrives.

My normal Monday routine; wash laundry, pick up Lorelai, fold laundry with Lorelai, bring her to an appointment and they off to work.

I have been gimping around work the last few hours with my cane. I feel pathetic but it helps relieve the pressure off my lower back every time I step down. The 1,000mg of ibuprofen I took seems to have helped though.

*Micky Mouse Club theme*
 M O N, D A Y, S U C K S... Monday sucks.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, November 19, 2018

Day 12,892

Day 12,892....

Lorelai had a bad dream last night. Doesn't happen very often here at my house. She crawled into bed with us this morning. Amber brought her back to bed around 6am. I got up around 8 and she was awake again.

We decided to do cereal for breakfast. Lorelai loves Lucky Charms. I'm not a fan of them because they keep changing the marshmallows. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Nothing wrong with the original ones.

We had a lazy day for the most part. Lorelai and I watched Sing before Amber woke up. I had to actually had to go wake her up around 10:30 because I needed to make sure she was still alive. Just spend most of the day lounging. Watching Netflix an snuggling. Not a bad day.

Went food shopping and I am pretty sure Lorelai would rather have teeth pulled than go to Shaw's with us. But she managed without any blowups. So that was good.

The rest of the night went fine. We came home and Lorelai played with he landlords kid some more. They kept bouncing between the apartments. They love each other and they get so excited when they see each other. And of course, when I see him and I don't have Lorelai he is very sad. And when we see his parent and hes out, she is sad. It's rather adorable.

Until tomorrow....

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Day 12,891

Day 12,891...

I actually slept last night since I got to take the night off work. Woke up this morning and was lucky enough to get a free bouncer and baby swing for Emersyn. Now to get rid of the swing her currently have.

Went to go get Lorelai from my mother this morning. Mary's sister is in from New York so she was showing us some of the work she has been doing. They've been working on some Morse code adaptations and it's making great headway. Check them out here --> Adaptive Design.

Today was my niece's birthday party for her classmates, and close family. They decided to do it at Monkey Joe's. For those of you who read this (all 4 of you), Monkey Joe's is an indoor play place with huge inflatable slides. It's also a PokéStop, for anyone who plays Pokémon Go.

Went to my brother in-law's engagement party at a really nice house in New Hampshire. Apparently, he's marrying into money. She has a 4 year old and Lorelai loves playing with him. They had a ton of fun. We didn't stay too long, but we weren't the first to leave either. It was nice to hang out with family, even if it's the in-laws.

We came home after and Lorelai played with the landlord's son from downstairs. She loves him. They have a blast playing together. Lorelai helped me organize Emersyn's side of the room. Put some of her clothes away. Sorted out the stuff we don't need for a like 6 months and put them away.

Night time and we are all settled in. I made some cookies and Lorelai some hot cocoa. We let Amber pick the movie tonight and of course Lorelai and her decided on Moana. I love this movie. Lorelai has been saying the movie word for word, but of course as soon as we got to the "Shiny" song, Lorelai looks right at me an tells me to NOT sing it. It's my favorite part of the movie.

Until tomorrow...

Day 12,890

Day – 12,890
Sorry, it's a little late. It's currently Day 12,891 and I will write today's later.

We went to a presentation for Lorelai this morning, All the kids got to wear pajamas and read their personal narratives to us. It was a lot of fun. Lorelai seemed to be the only one who made up her story though. It was supposed to be true, and hers definitely was not. That OK though, I thought it was written well for an 8-year-old.

We had another OB appointment today. Got to hear Emersyn’s heart beat again. I’ll never not want to hear that. Went over a few things, nothing major and nothing new to report. Amber set up the final 4 visits before Emersyn arrives. (Her ETA is 12/21/18)

I took the night from work so we could spend a little time together. I also knew that it was going to be a long day and work wasn’t on my list of thins I was looking forward to doing.

Until tomorrow later today…

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Day 12,889

Day 12,889...

I slept in today, which I should not have. I went through and cleaned the house. We have company coming over tonight and the house was a disaster zone. Its killing me trying to find room for all the new baby stuff.

So aggravated with work these days. All these stupid emails about nothingness. Telling me what to do, as if I do not do it already. I know what I am doing, if I did not I would not be paid as much as I am to do it.

Caught up with a few local players of Pokémon Go on my way to work. Caught both my wife and I a legendary from the raid. Finally got my shiny Drowzee too! Terrible IV, but what can you do?

On my way to work I was caught in a TON of traffic today on the way to work. Easily 15 cruisers, a fire truck and 2 ambulances went flying by me. Had to make a detour because they were not letting cars down. I got to work and saw it had been a mother and her child that had been hit by a car with serious injuries. The state police have investigators on scene trying to determine exactly what happened. My heart breaks for those people and their families. I am forever grateful it was NOT my God daughter or niece.

Never got a chance to grab a coffee, because of the traffic and my detour, I did not have time.
When will I hit the lottery? I cannot handle this "work" thing much longer.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Day 12,888 (Anniversary)

Happy anniversary to my amazing and beautiful wife. Thanks for always being there when I need you. Thank you for taking such good care of Lorelai as she were your own. From our first picture of us(1990) as kids, to our latest(2018) having our own kids. It's been a fun ride. And I couldn't be happier about who I'm doing it with. Can't wait to spend many more years making thousands more memories.

I love you Amber Jalbert

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I got my first EX Raid pass today! So excited. Hopefully the Deoxys doesn't run away on me!

Day 12,887

Another miserably gloomy day. Rain for days it seems. But hey, it's better than snow.
Went for a Pokewalk earlier, nothing special though. I did happen to get an EX Raid pass though which was good. I'll have to clear my busy calendar for it. Haha.

I'm off to work soon, to deal people who I don't particularity want to deal with. Working 3rd shift gives me great satisfaction of not having to deal with a ton of people, but everything always fall on us at night. It's ridiculous.

More to come...

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Maternity Shoot

Got a our pictures back from the photographer from our baby shower/maternity shoot.

This one is my favorite. Lorelai kissing her belly. She's so excited.