Thursday, November 29, 2018

Days 12,900 - 12,902

Days 12,900 - 12,902

Monday suck. Up all day, do laundry, get Lorelai, fold laundry. Go to work.

Day 12,901
Tuesdays suck too. It was pretty uneventful. I DID however get Pokémon Lets Go Eevee for the Nintendo Switch in the mail. I immediately put that in and started playing it. It's so very similar to the original Pokémon Red I still have sitting in my GameBoy.

Day 12,902
Wednesday is hump day, and while I did not get to hump, I did have a pretty good day. Did some raiding in Pokémon Go with some local guys.
Wednesday is Amber's half day and she has forced me to suggested I see a doctor. It's not all bad. So when she came home from work we headed over there. Other than being the size of a horse, I am as healthy as one. Blood pressure and heart rate all within the norm. Even my O2 stat is good. Going for blood work on Friday so hopefully that looks good too.
After the doctors amber and I did a few raids in the Cummings Center. She even got another of the current Legendary T5 raid boss.
She's a beauty. And going away come December 1st.

I'm not so good at this whole writing thing...

Until tomorrow...

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