Monday, November 26, 2018

Days 12,897-12,899

Days 12,897-12,899...

Slacking lately. I have not written since Thanksgiving. Sincere apologies to the three people who read this.

Friday went well. Hung out with Lorelai all day. She even indulged me and played some Pokémon Go with me. Pretty easy and quiet day. We went to work per the norm Friday night and Amber brought us McDonald's.
Work was super easy and we were out early.

Saturday morning I was awaken to Lorelai jumping on the bed to tell me breakfast was ready. Amber was nice enough to let me sleep a little and she made breakfast. Eggs and pancakes. She is MUCH better at pancakes than I am. I'm terrible at them, so I always fight and make waffles instead.
Lorelai went home at her normal 3pm, we headed to get snacks, and made a Home Depot run, then we chilled for a little before company.
We had my sister in law and her boyfriend over for some adult time. We ate lots of cheese and drank lots of alcohol. I decided to break out Cards Against Humanity and much to my disbelief, my sister in law won!

Sunday Amber and I slept in a little. Sunday was Beverly's anual Santa Parade. We sat outside with our down stairs neighbor and watch it. It goes right down out street. Their little boy was super excited he got to high-five Santa. It was adorable.
After the parade we made our way into the kids’ room and sorted through all the baby clothes we have for Emersyn. We got all the newborn and 3 month clothes into drawers and the other bigger sizes into totes for storage.
Headed over to our storage in Salem and finally put the Halloween (and apparently I had Easter decorations in the truck still) and Emersyn's clothes in. Brought all our Christmas decorations home and will slowly set that up. We will decorate the tree this weekend with Lorelai, but Amber wants to at least get it up before them.

Until tomorrow...

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