Thursday, November 22, 2018

Days 12,895 & 12,896

Days 12,895 & 12,896...

Day 12,895 was a normal Wednesday. It was Amber's half day so she was home by 2. I had my first ever EX-Raid at 1pm. There were 10 or so other people there. Not bad. We defeated it pretty quickly.
Feel free to watch it here -->
My second Ex-Raid of the day got me another Deoxys. My wife didn't get to catch hers though. So she's still missing that one.
They swapped out the newest T5 raid bosses as well. So Amber and I caught one of those. That kind of made up for the lack of Deoxys.

Unfortunately, I had to leave her and our couch for work. The night before Thanksgiving is usually a little busier than normal. But today we got an unusual large amount of freight and was heavy. Didn't finish until after 3:15am. Wasn't horrible. But when we went to close up the truck and the top of the second door wouldn't latch. So after spending 10 minutes trying to get it to close, he decided it was best if he backed back in and I closed it from up higher. I went in, shut the alarm system off, closed up the door and sealed him up. That worked and off he went. On my way out I went to set the alarm, but of course it'd be my luck, it wouldn't arm. Finally got it set and FINALLY left work at 3:45ish.

Got home and Amber was already awake. So we talked for a little, got to snuggle before I fell a sleep on her. I'm pretty sure she was in the middle of talking to me too. oops.

Until tomorrow...

Day 12,896...

Today is Thanksgiving! I love food, and I kind of like my family. Amber and I hung out for a little this morning. She let me sleep until like 11 this morning. ugh... I'd rather spend time with her.
We picked up her brother Travis and headed to Gloucester. Spent some time with my in-laws. Somehow we had all of her brothers in one room at the same time. That was good.

We left around 4ish and headed home. Dropped off Travis at home and headed to my moms. It was supposed to be for dessert, but I don't think we had any. Crystle dropped Lorelai off so she could hang with us for a little. She loves my mothers house.
We got home and Lorelai picked a movie. She picked Pete's Dragon. The original, not the new shitty one. Off to bed shortly...

Until tomorrow...

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