Saturday, November 17, 2018

Day 12,891

Day 12,891...

I actually slept last night since I got to take the night off work. Woke up this morning and was lucky enough to get a free bouncer and baby swing for Emersyn. Now to get rid of the swing her currently have.

Went to go get Lorelai from my mother this morning. Mary's sister is in from New York so she was showing us some of the work she has been doing. They've been working on some Morse code adaptations and it's making great headway. Check them out here --> Adaptive Design.

Today was my niece's birthday party for her classmates, and close family. They decided to do it at Monkey Joe's. For those of you who read this (all 4 of you), Monkey Joe's is an indoor play place with huge inflatable slides. It's also a PokéStop, for anyone who plays Pokémon Go.

Went to my brother in-law's engagement party at a really nice house in New Hampshire. Apparently, he's marrying into money. She has a 4 year old and Lorelai loves playing with him. They had a ton of fun. We didn't stay too long, but we weren't the first to leave either. It was nice to hang out with family, even if it's the in-laws.

We came home after and Lorelai played with the landlord's son from downstairs. She loves him. They have a blast playing together. Lorelai helped me organize Emersyn's side of the room. Put some of her clothes away. Sorted out the stuff we don't need for a like 6 months and put them away.

Night time and we are all settled in. I made some cookies and Lorelai some hot cocoa. We let Amber pick the movie tonight and of course Lorelai and her decided on Moana. I love this movie. Lorelai has been saying the movie word for word, but of course as soon as we got to the "Shiny" song, Lorelai looks right at me an tells me to NOT sing it. It's my favorite part of the movie.

Until tomorrow...

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