Thursday, November 15, 2018

Day 12,889

Day 12,889...

I slept in today, which I should not have. I went through and cleaned the house. We have company coming over tonight and the house was a disaster zone. Its killing me trying to find room for all the new baby stuff.

So aggravated with work these days. All these stupid emails about nothingness. Telling me what to do, as if I do not do it already. I know what I am doing, if I did not I would not be paid as much as I am to do it.

Caught up with a few local players of Pokémon Go on my way to work. Caught both my wife and I a legendary from the raid. Finally got my shiny Drowzee too! Terrible IV, but what can you do?

On my way to work I was caught in a TON of traffic today on the way to work. Easily 15 cruisers, a fire truck and 2 ambulances went flying by me. Had to make a detour because they were not letting cars down. I got to work and saw it had been a mother and her child that had been hit by a car with serious injuries. The state police have investigators on scene trying to determine exactly what happened. My heart breaks for those people and their families. I am forever grateful it was NOT my God daughter or niece.

Never got a chance to grab a coffee, because of the traffic and my detour, I did not have time.
When will I hit the lottery? I cannot handle this "work" thing much longer.

Until tomorrow...

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